Selling carefully selected used books since 1995.


Chris setting up for Libertycon.

C. J. Cherryh signing one of Chris' books at Philcon 2016.
Chris and George R.R. Martin
David Drake at LibertyCon with Chris
Harry Turtledove at Balticon.

Oakley's Gently Used Books

   Oakley’s Gently Used Books retail store closed on September 18, 2016 after almost 21 years in the same location in downtown Charlottesville, VA. We brought more than 5,000 sci fi/ fantasy books home and continue to add to our carefully curated collection. 

                                       Chris with Vincent DiFate (legendary cover artist)

Chris still loves the bookselling but not the hours (and the ever increasing burden of 
bookkeeping/tax forms) so Oakley’s will continue to sell books at conventions and through Facebook messaging.

Over 6,000 carefully-selected used books


Email us at:
On Facebook at: Oakley's Gently Used Books


We specialize in Science Fiction & Fantasy
Look for our books in the dealer's room 
at Marscon 2020 in January
at Mysticon 2019 in February
at Ravencon 2020 in April 
        and at Libertycon 2020 in June

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